Friday, August 28, 2009

Scrapbooking Pages

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 years already?

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary Thursday..going to the city. Going out to dinner, then seeing a show called "Rock of Ages" and staying overnight at the Westin. Looking forward to a great time just Steve and I. Mema and Cheech are babysitting...

Here are a few..Avery is trying to roll back to belly but gets stuck half way and goes back. Ryan is doing great potty training, wearing big boy undies during the day finally went for it and took him out to the store without the pull accidents. He is trying to talk so much I can breathe a bit easier.

Showing off her dimple on her right side only!

Ryan loves to we made Rice Crispy Treats together...

Sprinkles were his favorite part

And Daddy ate them...

Avery's Christening coming soon..she will be wearing a gown
I wore that has been passed on through the family. So glad they preserved it
this long and I hope to save it for the next one..DANIELLE AND JOHN!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Somone's getting chunky!!!!!

Avery 1 month
Avery 2 months
Avery 3 months..

Gotta cool off somehow!

Was a hot one today, just in time for our central air to crap out..but Stephen got someone in to fix it. Ryan, Aves, and I slept at Mema and Cheech's house last night just in case. Cheech even made Ryan his own "rocket bed" out of foam rubber, fitted with side pieces for the "rails" and a full headboard. Ryan helped him make it with Cheech and all I heard were wows and yays from the basement..he slept like a log in it too!

This is from today..boy oh boy is was hot!
Showing off my new summer hair cut and my cheesy smile...
(thanks for taking him Mema and Cheech!)

Hmm..let's have some fun...

Jump UP....................

and SPLASH DOWN!!!!!!!

Can't wait for John and Danielle to come home from their honeymoon, Aug 15th can't come soon enough..Last I heard
they were in Croatia on their Mediterranean Cruise.
I am hoping to put together a slide show with all
their pics
and have a movie night so they can
tell us all about it together..popcorn and soda all around!