Monday, May 18, 2009

The Cousins meet Avery

You were once that little Victoria, I remember rocking you in my arms! awwwwww Thomas too cute with Cuz Aves...

(Do you see the plane stickers on her bouncy seat that Ryan gave her? eheh)
Dylan..not sure you're quite old enough for a brew..
Thomas and Joni...
Ryan loves his cousins! There are no pics of Ryan this time..cause he was busy pulling them all in to his room playing planes and just making a mess just what toddlers are good for! He loves the attention that's for sure! Looking forward for the rest of the family to meet her!

Speech Eval and One month Check up

Ryan and Papa..reading before headed to bed... Lining all the planes up..even the "human" planes!

Stretch it out baby cakes!

Not an official smile..but love the gassy faces they make!

Here are the latest updates!
Had his latest Speech Evaluation done. Receptively (what he understands) he is on an Age Equivalent of a 3 year 11 month old which is REALLY high...and Expressively (what he can say) is still way below..he has about 4-5 words and he is supposed to have there is obviously a big gap, but the SPL still is not concerned and said it will come. Ryan still loves going to school with Daddy on Mondays, this class is now a partial separation..and Ryan does well when Steve leaves, even one of the Moms said, "yeah Ryan doesnt really care when you leave!" but the girls there dont let their moms leave~ little prisses! Ryan has fun with the songs and crafts and now gets a "special" dixie cup TO GO from the teacher filled with extra cheeze its and animal crackers at the end of class. Its so cute to watch him walk in the house with his special cup..he shows me and smiles ear to ear!

1 month check up..was 6 lbs 4 oz at her 4 day check weighs 8 lbs 2 one shot..she was a trooper..she is in the 25th %-ile for height and weight..and the Dr said she might be "petite"...I had to chuckle!
Looking forward for Aunt Elizabeth's visit in the beginning of June! Warmer weather is on it's way yahoooooooooo!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Aunt Mary Comes to Visit..

Sleeping Beauty... Grandpa Cheech (my dad)

Aunt Mary can you stay forever?

GRUMPY BIRD!!!!!!!!!

Chicken legs!

Little toes !!!!!!

Although I wish she wasn't visiting and staying with us forever! Although she returns to Florida Sunday, we have been spoiled with her coming over everyday and helping keep Ryan busy and letting Mommy and Daddy take their breaks..napping..little projects getting done around the house or just letting me sit for a while.

Aunt Elizabeth comes from NC in the beginning of June, so she gets a little taste of things around here too! Can't wait..

Avery is eating 3 ounces now..up from 1.5-2...waking up about every 4 hours overnight..again she continues to be a really easy going baby and will only fuss when she's hungry..Ryan is being a fantastic big brother and alerts us when she cries or fusses and I love when he wakes up in the morning and looks for her. He loves to gently touch her nose.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Danielle's Bridal Shower

Danielle's Bridal Shower..May 3, glad I didn't miss it ( I was due May 1st but Avery cooperated for us) great family, friends, food and a great addition to our you Danielle! Nice thong that my mother bought her! You think she wants more grandchildren?

My bro John and Mom

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Great Weekend

My little cousin's Communion, and Danielle's Bridal Shower to follow! Also Aunt Mary came in to visit, despite the recent flu scare..she risked her life to fly in..she definitely wins the Ms. Pandemic Award for this one! Sorry she is quarantined from my babies until Tuesday to be on the safe side..its killing both of us..but we are trying to be careful!