Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Marc 8.19.07

Happy bday Uncle Marc
They put me in jail, now I can't crawl!
Aunt Lauren loves playing with me!

Practicing my splits!

Well Ryan is certainly not sitting still anymore..he always wants to explore and is learning how to crawl on his knees instead of his he stood up with me holding his arms up and he saw Dada and started to take steps toward him with me keeping him balanced, we were clapping and cheering, and he was smiling so much!

He loves to eat pieces of my bagel, cheese, puffs, and had a little more liking to pastina at Mema's house. He loves to chew on bread and just loves his pureed foods still. Still "gags" on anything too chunky, so feeding him big people foods is still a challenge.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Celebrating Great Grandma's 89th bday!

Great Grandma turned 89 this past Tuesday!

You just can't get Ryan to look at the camera nowadays!

Uncle Marc and Ryan hanging out
Smile Grandma!

Friday, August 3, 2007

We have an Army Crawler

Ok, so he's def on the move more and more each day...He now learned how to get from a sitting position and onto his belly to get to where he wants to go. On his belly he uses his elbows and legs to push himself forward and pull himself along the floor. Sometimes when he is on his belly he will get up on his knees and rock back and forth, it looks like he's starting up to crawl, but then he just goes back down on his belly! I can't believe I started looking at safety gates already and will have to get the outlet covers SOON! All the cords are away finally and its just happening so fast. I remember trying to teach him how to roll over from one side to the other.

Other tricks..he "dances" from side to side, something he taught himself when he hears music from his toys. When he's tired and we are on the floor with him, he drops his head and tries to climb up/pull up on us for us to pick him up. He loves when we stack up the blocks and he knocks them over! Peek a boo is always a favorite, when we put the cloth over his face, he pulls it off and he just smiles!

Finally trying to eat more table foods...we give him little pieces of cheese, and he likes the Gerber puffs. His fav food is pears mixed with oatmeal though! I snuck in some peas with his applesauce ( I know mean) but doc said green foods will help him in the 'digestive' areas..we wont get into that here.

Still have a great schedule:

In the Am wakes up at 7, Daddy gets him, feeds him changes him plays with him until he leaves for work at 8, mommy gets up at 8...we play until 9:30 then he naps till about 10:30-11, then we play, eat, go for walks, and then by 4 he will take another nap until 5ish..dinner play bath then he falls asleep by 8..then I feed him his last bottle by 10 pm and he sleeps through the night unitl 7 am and we do it all over again!