Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celebrating 6 months with Avery and 3 years with Ry

Trying to put on Steve's sneakers....


Making meatballs with Mema
Being silly with Papa......

Avery 6 months...time is flying...

PSSSSST...gonna tell you how to get more prizes..bat your big eyes, I have them too
and put on a sad works EVERY time..

Can't believe how big the kiddies are getting. Ryan is talking now in multiple word utterances..asking for things, and demanding things too. Avery is starting to blow raspberries and can play sit up with assistance on the floor and "play" with toys in front of her. Ryan goes to school twice a week now, still not loving the drop off part but is doing well once he gets in there.

Looked over and saw this asleep in her jumperoo chair...she bounces so much she tires herself out..

Ryan 3 years old? Really??? He's 3 already???