Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avery 9 months and Ryan 3, Going on NonStop!

January....Avery is almost 9 months and is still as happy as can be. She is eating solids now, loving sweet potatoes, Apple Vanilla Grain, and whatever you put in front of her. She is eating puffs now and will drink water out of a sippy cup. As far as mobility, she will get on all fours and do some rocking back and forth , but will fall down to her belly and roll back and forth..Ryan didn't crawl till 10.5 months so she's right along with him.

At her 9 month appt she weighed 19.5 pounds and is in the 75 th percentile for weight and for height. She loves watching Ryan run around her and just smiles at him. I will be planning her 1 year old bday party soon enough..this is nuts!

Ryan is talking non stop..we are def not sick of it like everyone said we would!
Favorite sayings...
Geico--eyes.,.mission accomplished..that's ridiculous...Ryan John FAYrarra...dinosaur...follow RIIIIIGht back..more in the way he says them. I would say that he def started speaking full words right when he turned 3...then 4-5 word sentences at about 3 years 4 months....He was in the 2 year old class since September and is doing really well. Mrs. Leninger, his teacher, has advised us that she thinks we should put him in the 4 year old class next year which we are. He will go 3 days a week from 9:30 am to 11: 00 am.

Looking forward to summer already...I hate the Winter with kids!