Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimsuit Fun

heeheh look at that face!

Daddy wasn't thrilled about the bikini..(Gammaw and I think its cute..thank you Gammaw) she threw her arm up like this..I didn't do it! Is this her posing for me?

Look at that belly..goodness..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avery 3 months and Ryan too!

Atlantis Marine World, Riverhead

Well, another day trip in the books, last one was the Bronx Zoo..and today we went to Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead...we have never been there and it was that much more fun with the kiddies!
As soon as you enter you are greeted with huge Manta Rays that swim right up to you and right out of the tank up on the can feed them these little stringy fish ($2 a dish, rip off) and Ryan and Steve were up for it! I of course had Avery in the Bjorn sling and was the photographer..shocker? I think not..when am I not taking pics...

He fed them ONE PELLET AT A TIMEEEEEEEEEE..and loved every minute of it.

In total we spent close to 38.5 minutes in front of this had the "Nemo" clownfish and Anenomes (sp?) he kept going "MO, MO" for Nemo..and DOORR for Dori..the other character in the movie Looking For Nemo...he also pointed out the fish to the other boys and girls that came he was the tour guide.

(Although I am smiling..I can't believe how much weight I still need to lose, esp looking at THIS PIC!!! I digress.....back to the fish....)

More MO pics....

Next trip is the the Long Island Game Farm in Manorville..a place my family supported with many trips when I was a wee lad....if anyone wants to come along let us know and we can plan with you! Its always more fun with the family! (Mom B, I promise we wont make the goats eat out of your hand) Lots of wipes and sanitizers on that trip!